What Zip do I need?

In todays blog i’m going to talk in detail about the different zips we sell and their ideal uses. Firstly Im going to break this blog up into two sections. Open ended and closed ended zips.

Closed End Zips:

Bulk Buy Trebla Zips – These zips are dress weight zips that can be used on dresses, skirts, blouses, trousers and cushions. They are a closed end zip, meaning that they don’t open at the bottom.

YKK Dress Zips – These have the same intended uses as the trebla Zips but these can be purchased individually and with more sizes and colour choices available.

Nylon Cushion Zip – As the title says there are cushion zips, available in sizes from 12” up to 22”. These are only available in beige.

YKK Concealed Zips: – These zips are also known as invisible Zips and all that means is that when the zip is sewn in you can’t see the zip itself. These are used mainly in dressmaking projects, a good example of this is on the back of a dress when you don’t want/need to see the zip.  These only come in certains sizes and colours because they are invisible. Sizes go from 9”  through to 22”.

YKK Jeans Zips – As it says in the description these are jeans zips!!! These particular Zips come in a variety of colours and sizes from 4” to 8” and over 6 different colours.

YKK Nickel Trouser Zips – These zips are generally seen in smarter trousers. They are more robust than your normal standard dress zip. Available in sizes from 7” to 10”.

Open End Zips:

YKK Basque Zips – an open end zip that can be used in basques. These are a lightweight zip and only come in certain sizes and colours. Available in black, ivory and white and sizes 10”, 12” and 16” only.

YKK Brass Zips – These zips are open end and can be used in things like jackets, coats, cardigans and even dressing gowns. These come in a selection of colours such as black, brown , olive, navy and fawn. Sizes go from 22” up to 30”.

YKK Heavy Duty Zips - Ideal use for these zips is for heavy leather jackets. These can be used for other uses but as a good example they are the sort of zips you would fine in a motorcycle leathers. These only come in black and in sizes from 14” up to 30”. For the keen zip enthusiast these have a YKK number 8 zipper pull on them!!!

YKK Metal Open End Zips – These zips are generally used on jackets, coats and cardigians. These zips come in a great choice of colours and also sizes. They are available in sizes from 10” throught to 36”. There are also 8 colours to choose from.

Nylon Open End Zips & Plastic Open End Zips - I have combined these together as they both have the same intended uses. They are generally used in jackets, coats, cardigans and even on shorts!!! We get asked a lot about what one is stronger and to be honest they are both equally as strong. Sizes in both go from 10” up to 36”. A whole host of colours are available in both.

YKK Reversible Zips - all these zips do differently from the other open end is that they are reversible. This is ideal if you have a reversible jacket or coat. Please note that these only come in black or navy and in sizes from 22” to 30”.

YKK Two Way Zips – one of our most popular zips, these zips open from both the top and the bottom. As with the reversible zips these only come in black and navy in sizes from 22” – 30”.

YKK Tent Zips - These are extra long zips that are used for sleeping bags or tents. These are only available in black or beige. Sizes go from 72”, 96” and 120” long. Please note in above 72” they are only available in beige.

This pretty much covers our range of zips. We also have a great selection Zip Pulls if you want to create a more unique look.

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Here at Haberdashery Suppliers we have a large range of Cords in our Haberdashery collection which can be used for a number of different applications. One of the most popular uses for Cords is bag handles. We regularly have business customers who are looking for a high quality Cord which can be made into gift bag handles. For this we suggest our rayon Cord which has a lovely sheen to it creating a luxurious look and feel. With a huge selection of colours and a choice of 4mm and 6mm size this is a great Haberdashery product.

Another use for our Cord is for making lanyards to hang name badges on, possibly at business meetings or festivals. For this, we would suggest using the 3mm Anorak Cord. This cord is thick enough to hold the name tag without being too heavy around the neck. Also available in a range of colours including navy, black, grey and pink amongst others there is sure to be a colour to suit every event.

Whatever Cord you are looking for you are sure to find it in our Haberdashery range. Whether it is a Roman Blind Cord to make a new blind, a Lurex cord for Christmas decorations or leisurewear cord for inside your hooded top we will have what you are looking for,

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Accessorising your Zips

One of the most popular Haberdashery items with our customers is our range of zips. The majority of the zips we sell are open ended which are suitable for jackets and knitted cardigans amongst other apparel. To make these more stylish or unique we have a range of Zipper Pulls which can be used to accessorise your zip and make it stand out.

Manufactured by Prym, the Zipper Pulls we stock are available in designs which will appeal to both children and adults. As well as being a useful Haberdashery item, our Zipper Pulls are aesthetically pleasing and will make your garment more attractive. For cartoon fans we have a selection of superhero Zipper Pulls including Superman, Batman and Spiderman. These can be used on children’s coats,  jumpers and even bags for those adults who still like to reminisce about their childhood. For the younger children we have a range of Disney pulls which would be great on a coat so that identify their coat amongst the others at school.

If you are not looking for cartoon designs on your pull we also sell fashion Zipper Pulls in our Haberdashery collection. These include our eyelet, club, ball chain and diamante Zipper Pulls. These can replace your original pull by simply cutting the old one off your zip with pliers and clipping the new one on. It couldn’t be easier.

If you have used our zip pulls on any of your garments, why not share a picture on our Facebook page.

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